Duration: 1 hour
Price: Free

Disruption comes in many forms and from many places, from societal and technological shifts to consumer- and industry-driven ones. In the U.S. healthcare industry in particular, these disruptive forces are breaking existing silos and redefining the basis of competition. American healthcare organizations will need to become more agile in order to take advantage of critical growth opportunities or risk falling behind as competitors bolster their positions and reshape the healthcare value chain. Each type of disruption has implications for how hospitals and healthcare systems need to be agile in their approach to talent.

With the U.S. healthcare marketplace now transforming to a value-based reimbursement model, healthcare organizations are aiming for efficiency, cost control, and sustainability. This means rethinking strategy and reallocating capital and resources.

In this highly disrupted environment, agility is crucial — especially in managing the most valuable resource that organizations have: their talent. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The disruptions that are transforming today’s American healthcare industry;
  • The implications these disruptions have for your organization’s talent; and
  • How to manage your talent with greater agility through innovative approaches to mindsets, processes, and people.

Who should attend:

Healthcare professionals, HR in healthcare systems and hospitals, and clinicians in the United States.

You can also learn more by downloading our white paper, 3 Keys to U.S. Health System Success in the 2020s.
About The Presenters

Nick Hines
Healthcare Leader, Americas Division
Center for Creative Leadership

Nick has served in multiple senior level leadership roles within the healthcare business development, strategy and operations functions. He formed and led his own strategy consulting firm where he practiced driving organizational performance with a servant and transformational leadership style, while improving processes, developing operational systems, and improving service delivery through leveraged relationships and high-performing teams.

Nick leads the healthcare vertical team, and is responsible for developing a laser-focused business, sales, research and marketing approach to CCL’s role in meeting the demands of the industry, where healthcare and leadership development intersect.

Diane Reinhold
Senior Designer
Center for Creative Leadership

With over 25 years of experience in product and market development, Diane is a client focused designer with extensive experience launching training products, programs and large scale development initiatives. She is able to clarify individual and organizational development needs, and creatively package the content in a way that helps the learner absorb and apply the information. She has a proven ability to develop and implement new strategic initiatives, lead cross functional teams, and creatively address complex problems. Recent projects include everything from designing organizational leadership development services to creating tools that help learning stick. Through design and facilitation, Diane has worked with and supported multiple CCL clients representing universities, nonprofits, and corporations.

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