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Most organizations nowadays emphasize self-directed career management: Employees, rather than employers, are responsible for their careers and need to craft their own development path. Yet that is more easily said than done: Many people feel at a loss how to go about their career, set goals for themselves, identify and obtain relevant development experiences, and integrate their career with their non-work life.

For leaders this is especially hard, as their career success is determined both by the depth as well as breadth of their skills and experiences, making any rules to career management arbitrary at best. In this session, we look at the use of a free and easy career development tool: Relationships. Relationships are often overlooked yet play a vital role for career development. In various ways, relationships determine how leaders perceive of their career, and how they go about managing it. Yet too often, leaders — and their HR departments — are not mindful of the career-developmental value that their relationships can provide for them.

In this session you will learn about:

  • The six functions of relationships for career development
  • A tool that allows you to analyse and evaluate your relationships
  • How you can enhance the career-developmental aspects of your relationships
  • How you can help your organization make better use of relationships as a widely available development too

Target Audience: Leaders of all levels interested in their self-development, as well as talent managers, T&D managers and HR business partners. People with some form of coaching responsibility would also profit.

About The Presenter

Regina (Gina) Eckert, Ph.D. is a Senior Research Associate and representative of CCL's Research in the EMEA region. As a scientist-practitioner she applies her research knowledge and findings in customized leadership programs for diversity, women leadership, and global top talent development for clients across the EMEA region. Gina is a key researcher on current projects around leadership and sustainability, social identity and diversity. She is also one of the drivers in broadening of CCL's evaluation capacity in the EMEA region. Gina holds a degree in psychology from the University of Munich, Germany, and a PhD in Management from Aston Business School, UK.

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