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If a team isn’t getting results, it’s common to ask: Is there a leadership problem here? While the person in charge may have issues, a leadership problem doesn’t necessarily mean you have a “leader” problem.

Leadership isn’t just about the people at the top, but is a social process, enabling individuals to work together as a cohesive group to produce collective results. When a leadership process in a group is effective, it generates 3 crucial outcomes: direction, alignment, and commitment (DAC).

By assessing where your group stands in each of these outcomes, you can plan and implement the changes necessary to get better results.

This webinar will share the Center for Creative Leadership’s 3-step process to identify DAC issues in groups, which includes:

  • Gauge your group’s current levels of DAC
  • Identify factors that could be contributing to any low levels of DAC
  • Identify changes that could improve your DAC
  • Begin getting better results!

Audience: Internal HR and Training & Development professionals and Business Unit Leaders, Team Leaders or Project Leaders

About The Presenters

Cindy McCauley has contributed to many aspects of CCL's work: research, publication, product development, program evaluation, coaching, and management. Capitalizing on this broad experience, Cindy has developed expertise in leader development methods, including developmental assignments and relationships, 360-degree feedback, and action learning. She co-developed two of CCL's assessment tools, Benchmarks and the Job Challenge Profile. As a thought leader, she has created frameworks for experience-driven development in organizations and for understanding leadership as a collective process. Cindy is co-editor of The Center for Creative Leadership Handbook of Leadership Development, Experience-Driven Leader Development: Models, Tools, Best Practices and Advice for On-the-Job Development, and Using Experience to Develop Leadership Talent. One or her most popular publications, Developmental Assignments: Creating Learning Experiences Without Changing Jobs, was featured on CNN.com and in Harvard Management Update. Her latest book for managers, Change Now! Five Steps to Better Leadership (with Pete Scisco, Jean Leslie, and Rob Elsey), integrates research-based knowledge on leader development into an easy-to-use development planning process.

Samir Mehta serves as the Digital Learning Products Manager and Blended Learning Leader for CCL. He works with client teams at CCL to ensure that digital learning products and blended learning solutions are designed and delivered seamlessly for CCL’s clients worldwide. Samir facilitates virtual learning experiences on Boundary Spanning Leadership and Strategic Leadership. Samir also serves as a leadership coach working one on one with learners in CCL’s flagship Leadership Development Program. His work on digital learning strategy has been published in Chief Learning Officer magazine, Training Magazine, IEDP and ATD.

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