Duration: 1 hour
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Does your company or organization seem to have challenges promoting and retaining talented women, particularly ones with science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) expertise? Women in technical roles quit at a rate 2x higher than men. And despite more women entering the STEM workforce than ever before, many continue to stall at the mid-management level or leave entirely.

In this session, discover how your organization can strengthen your bench of future leaders by empowering women in technical fields to break through mid-career barriers and rise to more senior roles. Find out what other organizations are trying that has worked well, plus factors that can improve retention and advancement of technical women. Discover how to bolster your leadership pipeline and some considerations for ensuring impact from your investments in talented women in tech and science.

In this session participants will:

  • Review current trends on retention and promotion of women in technical or scientific roles.
  • Understand the unique challenges facing women in STEM careers.
  • Learn the most important factors to improve retention and advancement of tech women.
  • Discover key considerations for ensuring impact from development initiatives for advancing technical women.

About The Presenters

Patty Burke

Patty is an Innovation and Venture Catalyst in CCL’s Commercialization and Innovation (C&I) Unit. She is responsible for identifying, validating, and commercializing innovative product and service opportunities. Her first project is the breakthrough Advancing Technical Women program. Patty also represents CCL and C&I in the Bay Area, working closely with clients in technology, healthcare, and financial services, and with women’s leadership and other advocacy organizations.

Patty is an experienced C-level executive who has served in operational roles with large corporations and startups and as a consultant to venture capital firms, corporate venture and innovation groups, and technology startups. She was founder and managing partner of Accelevate, an innovation consulting firm providing business model validation and innovation training for corporate innovation teams, based on Lean Startup and Business Model Canvas principles. She also consulted for Bell Mason Group, conducting corporate innovation readiness assessments, innovation training, and corporate venture capital programs.

Kelly Simmons

Kelly is a Senior Faculty member at CCL’s San Diego campus. Kelly facilitates open enrollment programs such as Leading for Organizational Impact. She also is responsible for leading the design and delivery of custom leadership development solutions for CCL’s global corporate clients. Kelly is a specialist in systems thinking in organizational, team and individual leadership development. She has leveraged her broad expertise in technical and sector knowledge with her specializations in organizational systems, learning and development, culture change, coaching and facilitation to engage organizations to meet the wide range of situations that her clients face.

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