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Character. Courage. Timeless virtues, bound together.

We know the classic truths about these virtues. Like: Having the courage of one’s convictions… Choosing to do the right thing, no matter how hard that is…

But what are the most crucial traits necessary for an age of continuous personal disruption? When everything about how you get stuff done is in complete upheaval, every day?

Bill Jensen spent the past two years interviewing 100 great disruptive heroes – the people who are creating today’s most disruptive changes and leading others through those disruptions. He asked each of them “What makes you… you?” – exploring the character traits we all have, but they leveraged more fully than others. He explored the hearts, minds and values of today’s most successful pioneers.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The seven character traits most necessary for leading others through this crazy, disruptive era
  • How today’s disruptive heroes unleashed those traits
  • Immediate steps you can take to lead others through disruptive change

This webinar is your story. You already have the courage and character traits you need. Our goal is simply — like those 100 heroes figured out — help you unleash what’s already inside you.

Bonus! Every webinar participant will receive a free copy of Bill’s newest ebook: The Courage Within Us: Profiles in Disruption

About The Presenter

Bill Jensen is an internationally acclaimed bestselling author and speaker who is known for extremely useful content, and his passion for working smarter, not harder.

In 1992 Bill launched an ongoing study, The Search for a Simpler Way, and has interviewed and surveyed over 500,000 people around the world about what really matters and how they get everything done. That research has supported all of his books.

Bill Jensen is a passionate simpleton and an outspoken gadfly against corporate stupidity that wastes people's time, attention and dreams.

He's President/CEO of the Jensen Group, a change consulting firm he founded in 1985. He lives in Morristown, New Jersey, and travels the world as an inspiring speaker and practical workshop instructor.

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