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One of the complexities of leading in a global setting is that people have different ideas about the essence of good leadership. It is hard to be effective when your image of effective leadership is very different from that of your colleagues. Differences in such expectations can cause significant problems in organizations. This webinar looks at how images of leadership vary across the world. It addresses the importance of managing expectations when people from different cultures, nationalities, and backgrounds must work together.

In this session you will learn:

  • the importance of understanding what kind of leadership people expect, whether or not you try to meet their expectations
  • different approaches to leadership found across the globe
  • leadership approaches that are expected across all cultures and those that are not
  • ways to discover others’ leadership preferences and compare them to your own
About The Presenters

Felix C. Brodbeck is Professor of Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich. From 2002-2007 he was Head of the Work & Organizational Psychology Group at Aston Business School, UK. His Unit was listed as "No. 1 worldwide in MBA Organization Studies" (Sunday Times, Nov. 2003) as well as "Best in Organizational Behavior" in European MSc Management programs (Financial Times, Sep. 2005).

For more than 10 years he was a member of the coordination team of the GLOBE Program (Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness, Wharton School of Management). He has published eight books (the latest published in 2007, about GLOBE, co-edited with J. Chhokar and R. House) and more than 100 scholarly articles (e.g., in Academy of Management Review, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Journal of World Business, Academy of Management Executive, Journal of Cross Cultural Psychology, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology) in the fields of cross-cultural management and psychology, leadership, organizational effectiveness and innovation, teamwork, decision making, and applied research methods.

His repertoire of experience and practice comprises experimental, applied and field research, development of theory and practical tools, as well as executive training, development, and consulting in the above areas. He is co-owner and senior partner of a consulting company in Munich and editor of the German Journal "OrganisationsEntwicklung" (engl. Organisational Development).

The popular media has reported on Felix's work in German and British Media, such as Focus, Spektrum, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Wirtschaftswoche, Handelsblatt, Manager Magazin, Personal, Professional Manager, on Radio (e.g., BR), and TV (e.g. Channel 4, UK). Felix completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Munich, was a Fulbright Scholar at the City University of New York, and has a Ph.D. from the Department of Psychology at the University of Giessen.

Marian Ruderman is a Group Director at the Center for Creative Leadership in the Research and Innovation Group. Since joining CCL in 1985, Marian has managed a variety of research groups and projects. She is internationally known for her expertise on diversity and leadership.

Marian is co-author of the widely acclaimed book Standing at the Crossroads: Next Steps for High-Achieving Women. She has also co-authored the Center's feedback instrument, the Job Challenge Profile and has written about the importance of on-the-job development. Marian is coeditor (with Susan Jackson) of Diversity in Work Teams: Research Paradigms for a Changing Workplace.

The popular media has reported on Marian's work in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Chicago Tribune and Working Women and on national TV. In addition, Marian has published widely in scientific journals in psychology and management. She holds a B.A. from Cornell University and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from the University of Michigan.

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