Duration: 1 hour
Price: Free

Managing conflict is one of the most frequently cited development needs in CCL leadership development programs. Research indicates that unmanaged employee conflict is responsible for 65% percent of work performance problems (Dana, Conflict Resolution: Mediation Tools for Everyday Worklife) (2001). In addition, it is reported that 30-40% of a manager’s time is spent dealing with conflict and its consequences. The goal of successful conflict management is not to eliminate the conflict, but to address it in such a way where the negative effects are minimized which could lead to stronger and more effective interpersonal relationships.

In this session you will:

  • Explore the value of stepping up to conflict and the willingness to engage in difficult conversations
  • Understand the causes of potential conflict
  • Identify strategies to constructively manage workplace conflict
  • Be introduced to a model for giving constructive feedback in conflict situations
  • Commit to 2-3 conflict management strategies to increase leadership effectiveness

Those who work with and through others to accomplish work and goals would benefit from this webinar.

About The Presenter

Michelle Malloy joined the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) in 1991. As the Portfolio Manager for Individual Leadership Development in Greensboro she manages CCL's content and intellectual property to maintain quality and to ensure relevant content for CCL clients. Michelle has global responsibility for the Center's flagship course, the Leadership Development Program®. Michelle works closely with other portfolio managers, marketing and new product development to assess gaps in the Center's portfolio and to address them through the development of new programs, products and services. In addition to Michelle's management responsibilities, she is a core trainer in a variety of CCL open-enrollment programs, including the Leadership Development Program (LDP)®, Leading for Organizational Impact: The Looking Glass Experience, Maximizing Your Leadership Potential, and the Assessment Certification Workshop.

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