Duration: 1 hour
Price: Free

In the ‘90s the message was “Built to Last.” Early 2000’s we were encouraged to be “Built to Change.” Emerging from 2020 with its unprecedented levels of disruption and uncertainty, leadership teams are advised to double-down on efforts to be “Built to Adapt,” to build their organization’s resilience to adapt to the ever-changing “new normal.”

During this webinar we’ll share an iterative process of anticipating challenges and opportunities, adapting to working and collaborating in new ways, and assessing through reviewing and reflecting on progress. An adaptive organization is able to continuously adjust to the ever-changing environment, and therefore increase its competitive advantage and potential for greater performance in an uncertain business world.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • A process with corresponding practices for building organizational resilience
  • Useful leadership actions to build the adaptive capacity of the organization
  • Tips for anticipating challenges and opportunities on the horizon

You can also learn more on this topic in our webinar, How Leaders Can Build Organizational Resilience to Thrive in Uncertain Times

About The Presenters

Kathleen O'Neill, Ed.D.
Organizational Leadership Practitioner
Center for Creative Leadership

Kathleen is an Organizational Leadership Practitioner who works with executive and senior leadership teams to define and activate the leadership needed to achieve organizational success. Prior to joining CCL in 2019, she spent 32 years at Hewlett-Packard Company/HP Inc., with 24 of those years focused on organization development, change management, leadership development, and employee engagement. Kathleen’s specific expertise is in developing leadership teams to effectively lead transformational change. Over the course of her HP tenure she architected and delivered leadership development programs for leadership teams in Supply Chain, Customer Support, and Finance, as well as developing women leaders in India.

Michael Nagel, DBA
Organizational Leadership Practitioner
Center for Creative Leadership

Mike is an Organizational Leadership Practitioner. In this role he partners with c-suite executives to deliver custom, system-wide solutions that build capacity for collective leadership and results. Through a mix of consulting, facilitation, coaching, and education he helps clients carry out strategy by attaining greater strategic direction, enterprise-wide alignment and organizational commitment. Mike has hands-on international experience helping leaders in hundreds of organizations to develop and execute business strategies. He has worked with a full range of client organizations and industries – from global Fortune 500 firms to large public, nonprofit and social sector organizations.

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