Duration: 1 hour
Price: Free

Trust – it’s an essential part of effective leadership and it’s no exaggeration to say that trust in a leader can shape an organization’s morale, retention of employees, ability to innovate and more. And it’s a two-way street – leaders have to be willing to trust those they lead.

This session helps leaders develop a common language and understanding around issues of trust  in the organizational environment. It’s important for leaders to understand the complex factors that can cause a lack of trust to develop before they initiate discussions on trust itself.  Clarity around actions and behaviors that cause a lack of trust help leaders craft sustainable solutions to resolve any existing issues and begin to build a culture of trust throughout the organization.

In this session you will:

  • Learn the different ways trust issues arise in the workplace.
  • Evaluate your own underlying willingness to trust and explore how that might help or hinder your relationships.
  • Learn how to address the root causes of trust concerns.
  • Learn to enhance your leadership capability in raising, discussing and advancing trust with your colleagues or teams.

 Target audience:  Talent managers, HR business partners or coaches who are responsible for training and developmental initiatives, entry- or first-levels of management; high-potential employees who are soon to be promoted into a leadership role for the first time; team leaders, functional leaders at all levels and senior leaders.

About The Presenter

Dr. Christopher Evans
Senior Faculty, Center for Creative Leadership

Chris brings nearly 30 years of financial and management operations experience across several industries. As a healthcare operations and finance executive, Chris worked in health system operations and medical school management before creating his own advisory company. His day to day work in management consulting, investment banking, corporate finance and business strategy brings real life lessons to his learning environments.

Trained as an applied management scientist and specializing in strategic operations and finance, Chris works in individual and systems decision-making spanning executive and team coaching, governing boards, and leadership facilitation across a wide variety of client engagements. Truly a people person, Chris brings solid experience in the field and current organizational thinking for how people can create outstanding performance outcomes. Chris lectures in finance, leadership and organization behavior at several universities and has been a regular speaker for individual clients and industry groups. A prolific author, educator, and coach to senior and midlevel executives, he helps leaders at all levels gain clarity and focus around key challenges to make lasting impact.

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