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Creating and communicating a strong vision are critical for anyone in a leadership position whether you are leading a project, team, division or the entire organization. The leader’s ability to convey a strong image, inspire commitment, and lead change efforts is especially important when an organization is facing change and complexity. Learn more about the elements of a strong vision and walk away with concrete strategies to improve your leadership effectiveness.

In this session we will discuss:

  • The link between effective leadership and a strong vision
  • What we know about the way leaders express their vision
  • The three essential elements of a clear and compelling vision
  • Steps you can take to strengthen your vision
About The Presenter

Corey Criswell is a Research Associate with the Center for Creative Leadership at the Colorado Springs campus where she focuses on the developmental needs of senior level executives. Corey oversees the Public Image for Leadership module in the Leadership at the Peak (LAP) program and acts as a lead researcher for LAP. Current research projects include leadership legacy, succession planning, and authenticity. Her work was recently published in Leadership Excellence and presented at the Academy of Management. She graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a BS and from the Florida Institute of Technology with an MS. Prior to joining CCL, she was a research assistant for Lockheed Martin.

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