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The study of leadership development has grown to be very complicated. We often get stuck thinking about leadership in terms of matrices and competencies and modules. The simple truth is that to be a leader is to open doors of opportunity for others. To be most effective, leaders need to be opportunity-creators. Drawing on the concepts introduced in the new book, Leaders Open Doors, leadership expert Bill Treasurer shows how leaders help people and organizations grow by creating meaningful learning opportunities.

Open Door Leaders focus on aligning the needs of the organization with the career aspirations of those they lead. People and organizations grow and develop when they intentionally pursue goals and challenges that stretch their skills and test their mettle.

In this session, participants will:

  • Gain insight into the four specific skills that all Open Door Leaders need to use
  • Learn five compelling ways that opportunity attracts, inspires, and develops people
  • Be knowledgeable about what it means to have an opportunity mindset
  • Understand six unique doors of opportunity that leaders can open for those they lead
  • Take away specific and immediately implementable tips on how you can start opening doors for others today
About The Presenter

Bill Treasurer is a leadership expert and the originator of the new organizational development practice of courage-building. He is also the author of several books, including the international bestseller Courage Goes to Work. Bill is also the author of the off-the-shelf facilitator training program (published by Pfeiffer), Courageous Leadership: A Program for Using Courage to Transform the Workplace. Bill's newest book,Leaders Open Doors, focuses on leaders as opportunity-creators, and will be released in March, 2013.Bill is the chief encouragement officer at Giant Leap Consulting (GLC), a courage-building company that helps people and organizations live more courageously. Bill has conducted more than five hundred corporate workshops designed to strengthen people's leadership skills and improve team performance. He has led workshops and webinars for such organizations as Accenture, UBS Bank, CDC, NASA, Center for Creative Leadership, U.S. Forest Service, CNN, Monster.com, SPANX, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. He is also serves as the board chair of Leadership Asheville, a community-based leadership program.

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