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External forces will reshape the attributes and actions of leaders around the globe. Leaders face the challenge of responding to these forces while making the future. Bob Johansen, a social scientist and ten-year forecaster who has outlived his forecasts more than three times over, with remarkable accuracy, will:

  • Summarize the external future forces that will be most important for leaders to consider—thinking ten years ahead
  • Define the skills that leaders will need to thrive in the next decade such as dilemma flipping, smart mob organizing, common creating, and reciprocity-based innovation
  • Discuss how future leadership skills can be developed and applied

Bob will be drawing from the new second edition of Leaders Make the Future, to which CCL made major contributions.

Audience: Senior human resources or organizational development professionals responsible for designing leadership development and talent management strategies in their organizations or for their clients.

About The Presenter

Bob Johansen is a ten-year forecaster who has outlived his forecasts more than three times over. He works interactively with top leaders across a wide range of business, government, and nonprofit organizations. He creates video-enhanced immersion experiences in the future for large and small groups. For Bob, a 10-year forecast is a story from the future that provokes insight in the present.Bob served as IFTF's president from 1996 to 2004 and served on its Board until 2010. Bob now invests his time with IFTF sponsors, as well as writing and speaking to encourage thoughtful consideration of the long-term future. Bob was one of the first social scientists to explore the social and organizational impacts of the Internet beginning when it was still called the ARPANET. Before becoming president, Bob created and led a research program at IFTF on emerging information technologies-now called the Technology Horizons Program. Bob is a frequent keynote speaker for large groups, but he most enjoys small workshops with creative teams. His latest book is called Leaders Make the Future: Ten New Leadership Skills for an Uncertain Age, published by Berrett-Koehler, now moving into a Second Edition with contributions by the Center for Creative Leadership. What are the leadership skills that will be needed to thrive in the future-given the external future forces of the next decade? Bob is doing workshops with this book for top teams and rising star leaders at a wide range of corporations, including P&G, Tesco, Old Navy, Hallmark, Campbell's Soup, Disney, Carnival, Intel, Fairmont, Givaudan, Syngenta, Johnson & Johnson, and McDonald's. A wide range of major universities, nonprofits, and churches also use his books.

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