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Some call it “hazardous duty.” Others refer to the process of transitioning into a new leadership role as “beating the odds.” Leaders who transition into new roles have to overcome the “Newly Appointed Leadership Dilemma.” In many of today’s organizations the expectations for results is as high or higher than it has ever been while the organization’s patience to achieve those results is the shortest it has ever been. Moving into a new leadership role provides great opportunities but it is a very challenging period for the leader as well as his/her team and, often, the broader organization. This is a practical webinar that presents a dozen key principles that can be used for all leadership transitions.

Additionally, tools/templates such as Confirmation of Your Appointment Charter, Your Comprehensive Stakeholder Analysis, Accelerating Your Learning Plan, The New Leader and Team Assimilation Process, Team Integrity and Capability Grid and The Newly Promoted Strengths/Over-Used Strengths exercisewill be described and provided. Special attention will also focus on the topic of Achieving a New Life Integration: The Impact of Moving Up on Your Family, Health and Time.

At the conclusion of this webinar participants will be able to:

  • Cite the 12 key principles that can be used to overcome the newly appointed leader dilemma.
  • Access and begin to utilize at least 5 practical tools that can help a leader manage his/her transition effectively
  • Describe at least three concepts that can help the transitioning leader to effectively manage the impact of moving up on one’s family, health and time.

Target audience: The session is most appropriate for newly promoted leaders (or those about to change roles), coaches and for talent management and HR professionals and executives.

About The Presenter

Ed Betof Ed.D. is a Senior Fellow, Human Capital, at The Conference Board (TCB). In addition to serving as a Senior Fellow, Ed is the Program Director for TCB's Executive Council on Talent and Organization Development and is the coach/facilitator for TCB's Global Executive Council. He was a co-developer of the pioneering TCB/NASA leadership experience based upon NASA's Apollo program. Ed is also President of Betof Associates LLC, a consulting firm specializing in executive coaching, leadership and career development. Ed is an adjunct executive and team coach for the Center for Creative Leadership. He has been a faculty member with the Institute for Management Studies since 2008. Ed was a founding Senior Fellow and an Academic Director of Penn's Chief Learning Officer doctoral program. After nearly a 40 year corporate and educational leadership career, Ed retired in December, 2007 from BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) a global medical technology and human diagnostics company where he was the Worldwide Vice President of Talent Management and Chief Learning Officer. Ed was an ASTD Board member from 2004-07. During this period, he also chaired the executive committee of The Conference Board's Council on Learning, Development and Organizational Performance. He has served on Pennsylvania State University's Outreach Advisory Board since 2008. Ed is the author of Leaders as Teachers: Unlock the Teaching Potential of Your Company's Best and Brightest (2009) and co-author of Just Promoted: A 12 Month Roadmap for Success in Your New Leadership Role (1992, 2010). Ed has authored or co-authored several dozen articles, manuals and guides. Ed received his Doctorate from Temple University in 1976.

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