Duration: 1 hour
Price: Free

Influence is an essential component of leadership. Your position in an organization and the power it gives you aren’t always enough to motivate people to do what you ask. How do you influence others without organizational authority? Developing your influence skills can help you gain commitment from people at all levels: direct reports, peers and bosses.

During this session, participants will learn to:

  • Move beyond a reliance on positional power
  • Influence others using three different approaches
  • Influence others using six specific tactics
  • Be more flexible in their influencing attempts
  • Negate the two “Achilles Heels” of influence

We explore how you can influence others more effectively by applying research-proven influence tactics to your stakeholders.

Audience: Managers at all organizational levels

About The Presenter

Harold Scharlatt formerly managed the Design and Delivery at the Greensboro Campus of the Center for Creative Leadership. He was responsible for the quality of design for all programs and all non-programmatic client work. Before joining the Center for Creative Leadership, Harold spent 25 years as the President of a consulting firm in Lexington, KY where his consulting business offered individual, team, and organizational solutions for increasing leadership effectiveness in diverse sectors. Harold has provided executive coaching, led skill development workshops, and facilitated management simulations in 16 different countries.

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