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Work increasingly occurs through informal networks of relationships rather than through formal reporting structures or prescribed work processes. These seemingly invisible webs have become central to performance and strategy execution. Research shows that appropriate connectivity in networks within organizations can have a substantial impact on performance, learning, and innovation, and benefits also accrue from well-connected networks between organizations.

The webinar will focus on how Organizational Network Analysis can help address the global, complex, and increasingly interdependent challenges facing leaders today. Attendees will explore how leaders and organizations can:

  • Identify and optimize informal networks to become more effective and successful over time;
  • Use network analysis to achieve significant business impact;
  • Create and harness interdependent leadership through applying Boundary Spanning practices.

Target Audience: C-level executives, SVPs of HR, CLO’s, and SVP’s of Strategic Planning (Mergers and Acquisitions).

About The Presenters

Rob Cross is an associate professor of management at the University of Virginia where he directed The Network Roundtable, a consortium of 100 organizations sponsoring research on network applications to critical management issues. His research focuses on how relationships and informal networks in organizations can be analyzed and improved to promote performance and innovation. Rob has worked directly with more than 300 strategically important networks across a wide range of well-known organizations in consulting, pharmaceuticals, software, electronics and computer manufacturers, consumer products, financial services, petroleum, heavy equipment manufacturing, chemicals, and government.

Craig Appaneal formerly worked within CCL's Organizational Leadership Practice and facilitated the diagnosis and discovery process for new clients and delivered custom programs focusing on aligning business and leadership strategy and Boundary Spanning Leadership.

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