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Asia is the most dynamic region of the world for business growth, with many markets experiencing annual GDP growth over 5%. Analysts anticipate that Asia will total greater than 50% of global GDP in the decade to come. Underlying the headline numbers, Asia has a very diverse socio-economic and cultural fabric, and leaders in markets throughout the region face decisions around growth and that impact their employees and their business opportunity.

With many factors in constant motion, how will Asia look in the next 10 years? What actions can businesses and HR leaders in the region take to be future-fluent and ready for the changes ahead?

A recent research by Center for Creative Leadership examined the eight critical megatrends that will impact Asia in the next 10 years and their implications for societies, businesses and leaders.

Join us in our conversation to discover:

  • Critical megatrends shaping Asia and the impact on societies and businesses
  • How leaders must prepare to succeed in the future
  • Implications for HR Leaders to build future-fluent talents
About The Presenter

Sunil Puri
Asia-Pacific Head of Research, CCL

Sunil Puri is the Asia-pacific head of research at CCL. He is a seasoned leadership and human capital researcher and thought leader with over 20 years of experience across large global organizations. Prior to CCL, he served as head of Research and Insights at the Human Capital Leadership Institute (HCLI), set up by the Singapore government to drive the global Asian leadership initiative. Sunil also spent several years advising large global organizations in diverse strategic HR areas such as employee engagement and retention, performance management, HiPO development, succession planning, organisation design, and employment value proposition.

Sunil has authored several research studies including “Imagining Asia 2030: Future-Fluent Asian Leader,” “Architecting Future-Fluent Culture: Critical Role of Human Resources,” “Developing Global Asian Leaders: From Local Stars to Global CXOs,” “CHRO 3.0: Preparing to Lead the Future HR Function in Asia,” “HR Leadership Stall Points,” “Developing Next-Generation Indian Business Leaders: The Keys to Success,” “7 Myths of Leadership Development in Asia.” In 2015, he co-edited a book titled “Human Capital Insights: Inspiring Practices from Asia, for Asia.”

Sunil is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, India, and Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad, India.

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