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After decades of time and millions of dollars spent on leadership development and mentoring programs, why is there still a crisis of leadership at many levels of the business world?

By now, most business leaders have learned that their job is to expand and develop their own capacity, while simultaneously preparing the next generation of leaders to take the reins. Develop talent, they’ve been taught. Be a coach. A mentor.

But it doesn’t happen all that often. At least, not in any significant way. Maybe we’ve just been expecting too much. Steve Farber believes that we’ve actually been expecting too little. It’s time, he says, to set a new gold standard for what it means to be a leader of substance and influence: The true measure of your greatness as a leader is to develop leaders who are greater than you.

In this program — based on his new book, Greater Than Yourself — he shows that dedicating yourself to bringing others along so that they can achieve more than you is the ultimate way to boost talent, ramp productivity and create truly significant current and future leaders.

With this powerful, three-step approach, Steve Farber reveals how your organization or team can achieve explosive results by encouraging every leader and employee to take on a Greater Than Yourself relationship for unprecedented personal growth and productivity:

  • Expand Yourself – you’ll discover tools to deepen and expand your personal capabilities – the raw material for true leadership.
  • Give Yourself – you’ll learn the art of ‘philanthropizing’ your leadership approach – the raw material for developing capacity in others.
  • Replicate Yourself – you’ll experience the power of expanding beyond your personal, one-to-one influence -the raw material for changing your organization for the better.

As a speaker, Steve ignites audiences with the power of his ideas, and Greater Than Yourself will show you and your organization how to attain the new gold standard of leadership and re-enlist in greatness — beginning with one employee and one relationship at a time.

About The Presenter

Steve Farber is the president of Extreme Leadership, Incorporated, an organization devoted to the cultivation and development of Extreme Leaders in the business community. His latest book, Greater Than Yourself: The Ultimate Lesson In Leadership, was a Wall Street Journal® and USA Today® bestseller. His second book, The Radical Edge: Stoke Your Business, Amp Your Life, and Change the World, was hailed as "a playbook for harnessing the power of the human spirit." And his first book, The Radical Leap: A Personal Lesson in Extreme Leadership, is already considered a classic in the leadership field. It received Fast Company magazine's Readers' Choice Award and was recently named one of the 100 Best Business Books of All Time.

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