Duration: 1 hour
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The environment that leaders operate in is changing so fast that the methods being used to develop them is not keeping pace. This session is based on a one year research project at Harvard focused on the question, ‘What will the future of leadership development look like?’

In this session your organization will learn how to design and deliver leadership programs that equip leaders with the skills they need for an increasingly complex world. Topics to be addressed include:

  • The emerging challenges for leaders in the workplace
  • The skills and capacities needed by leaders to meet these challenges
  • The four trends shaping the future of leadership development
  • They key principals for the design of future leadership programs

People involved in the design and delivery of leadership programs

About The Presenter

Nick Petrie is a Senior Faculty member with the Center for Creative Leadership's Colorado Springs campus. He is responsible for the design and delivery of individual, team, and organizational custom and leadership program solutions. Future Trends in Leadership Development Nick is a New Zealander with significant international experience having spent ten years working and living in Asia, Europe, Britain, Scandinavia and the Middle East. Before joining CCL® he ran his own consulting company and spent the last several years developing and implementing customized leadership programs for senior leaders around the world. Nick has worked across industries including government, law, accounting, engineering, construction and telecommunications. Before beginning his business career, Nick was a professional rugby player and coach for seven years. Nick completed a research project on the 'Future of Leadership Development' in U.S. companies. He interviewed Fortune 500 CLO's and organizational researchers to determine the trends shaping the current workplace and the methods most likely to work for leader development in the next ten years. This was published as the CCL® whitepaper, 'Future Trends in Leadership Development.'

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