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Price: $120
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The looming talent shortage around the globe has become a favorite theme of the business media and a part of the backdrop against which we all do business. Moving beyond the hyperbole, it appears that many companies are experiencing a talent shortage, particularly when it comes to significant general management roles. As is true of any important strategic initiative, successful leadership pipelines are created when company leaders hold managers accountable for the execution of key short and longer-term goals.

A new Discipline of Development webinar from the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) shares insights from the fieldbook, Filling the Leadership Pipeline. The premise of this fieldbook is that in order to build an effective leadership pipeline, a company must address key business issues both at the company and the individual level. The webinar focuses on ways to more intentionally identify the key issues that will enhance a company’s ability to build and maintain the talent pool that will take them into the future.

In this session you will learn:

  1. How to leverage senior leaders in the creation of the pipeline
  2. Key questions to ask to ensure that your development systems are building the pipeline your company needs
  3. How to differentiate the development needs of different groups while executing a consistent leadership model company-wide
  4. The most critical crossroads companies and individuals need to address when growing future general managers
About The Presenter

Patricia Weik, J.D., Ph.D. , is an attorney and a clinical psychologist. She is a senior consultant and the director of research and development at RHR International Company. Since joining the RHR in 1997, she has conducted research on best practices in growing future leaders, the foundations of ethical leadership, and the role of culture in effective acquisition integration. She consults to a wide variety of companies on the design and execution of effective succession plans around the globe.

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