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Look at successful organizations and you will likely find they are investing in leadership development and that they have systems in place to evaluate the merit and worth of those investments. Effective evaluation keeps leadership development initiatives on track and contributes to organizational learning so that leaders can remain responsive and resilient.

This new webinar from CCL shares some of our nearly four decades of experience in evaluation of how our own leadership development programs impact individuals and organizations. Changes in strategy or services can move a fledgling or experienced organization to the front of the pack, and effective leadership will help that same organization stay in the lead regardless of the changes that occur or obstacles that arise. Effective evaluation tools can help the organizations determine the quality of the impact and implementation of their leadership development initiatives.

In this session, the following outcomes are planned:

  • Six key steps for designing an evaluation of leadership development impact
  • Examples of evaluation design processes and tools
  • Practical advice and best practices that can help with practically any evaluation project
  • Emerging trends and developments in evaluation of leadership development

Who should attend?
The audience for this webinar includes HR managers, leaders and individuals who are interested in learning more about evaluating the impact of their leadership or training programs.

About The Presenters

Tracy Patterson serves as Director of CCL's Evaluation Center, which supports CCL and the field through the development of new knowledge, methods and approaches to the evaluation of leadership development. In this role, Tracy partners with CCL staff, clients, and external evaluators to identify organizational and leader needs, articulate program outcomes, and evaluate initiatives for improvement and impact. Tracy's evaluation work includes CCL's custom initiatives, open-enrollment programs, executive coaching, new product development, and external evaluations of leadership development programs. Tracy also serves on CCL's Healthcare Services Sector team and pursues research interests including evaluating the impact of action learning strategies and using social network analysis in program evaluation.

Holly Downs is a senior evaluation faculty member of CCL's Evaluation Center which supports CCL and the field through the development of new knowledge, methods and approaches to the evaluation of leadership development. In this capacity, she works with CCL staff, global clients, and external evaluators to design and conduct customized evaluations for CCL programs, products, and services. This work includes identifying organizational and leader needs, articulating program outcomes, selecting the most appropriate methods for evaluating initiatives for improvement and impact, and reporting the findings to key stakeholders. Holly is heavily involved with researching and evaluating CCL's virtual learning effort in order to expand the knowledge regarding how virtual learning can enhance, support or supplant other types of training approaches to accelerate the development of leaders.

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