Duration: 1 hour
Price: Free

You have a lot of information and “noise” coming at you all the time and sometimes you want a shut-off valve. You want to make more of a difference, working on only what truly matters. Right? Then you don’t want to miss this webinar!

In this encore webinar, updated for 2009, best-selling author Bill Jensen will share practical tips, tools, and practices for:

  • Doing more with fewer resources
  • Making sure your emails get read, and deleting more of those sent to you
  • Getting more out of fewer meetings
  • and much more

You will leave with:

  • Practical tips for doing less because you’re working smarter
  • Tips for educating your teammates, clients, and bosses
  • Feeling jazzed that you have a lot more control over more-better-faster than you thought you did!
About The Presenter

Bill Jensen - Harvard Business Review, CNBC and Fast Company have called Bill Jensen today's foremost expert on work complexity and cutting through clutter to what really matters. He has spent the past two decades studying how work gets done. (Much of what he's found horrifies him.) He is an internationally-acclaimed author and speaker with over 25 years of experience in communication and change consulting. His first book, Simplicity, was the Number 5 Leadership/Management book on Amazon in 2000. His next best-seller is Simplicity Survival Handbook: 32 Ways to Do Less and Accomplish More. His latest book, What is Your Life's Work?, captures the intimate exchanges between mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, and caring teammates, all talking about what matters at work, and in life. Bill is CEO of The Jensen Group, whose mission is: To make it easier to get stuff done. Among the Jensen Group's clients are Bank of America, Merck, Pfizer, Genentech, NASA, The World Bank, Walt Disney World, American Express, British Petroleum, the US Navy SEALS, the government of Ontario, Singapore Institute of Management, Guangzhou China Development District, and the Swedish Post Office.

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