Duration: 1 hour
Price: Free

We know that organizations are improving the gender equity in hiring practices. However, fewer women than men are reaching significant positions in the senior positions, and this can have an impact on the bottom line. Organizations with women leaders in senior positions outperform organizations without women in these senior positions. What are the individual actions women can take, and what are the questions we can asks ourselves as an organization to maintain top talent in our workforce?

In this session we share the choices women are making to show up as effective leaders. You will:

  • Assess unintentional obstacles to women’s promotion
  • Learn tools to further your leader development with identity work
  • Identify the structure and three characteristics of effective networks that the top performers use
  • Hear which questions women have been asking of their organizations to challenge status quo

Target Audience: Women interested in leading within their organizations and managers who want to support leader development

About The Presenter

Laura Santana is Senior Faculty with the Center for Creative Leadership. She serves as lead faculty working closely with key global clients to design and deliver customized initiatives across sectors, cultures, and languages. These complex designs reflect intentional architecture to make the value of development visible utilizing post classroom technology and face-to-face solutions to integrate learning back into the organizational environment. Laura also works extensively with Senior Leadership teams in their development, with women and their networks, as an executive coach since 1990, and facilitating open enrollment CCL programs.

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