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There’s a wide spectrum of methods for coaching for leadership development — and using them strategically makes all the difference. What are the most cost-effective ways of making coaching a driver of performance? How can your organization integrate mentoring, peer coaching, team coaching, and executive coaching with your talent strategy to accelerate growth? Doug Riddle, Global Director of Coaching Services for CCL, will lead a discussion of best practices learned across multiple industries and nations, drawing from expertise in the new CCL Handbook of Coaching in Organizations.

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Identify the benefits of using multiple coaching modalities in designing coaching programs
  • Connect different modalities with strategic leadership development needs
  • Drive cost-effective coaching design for organizational impact
About The Presenter

Douglas Riddle is the Global Director, Coaching Services at the Center for Creative Leadership. After more than two decades of experience as a leader of thriving organizations and a successful career in nonprofit leadership, Doug came to the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) to strengthen the focus on coaching as a core leadership development methodology and critical leadership skill. Dr. Riddle coaches senior leaders and leadership teams in the public and private sectors throughout the world. He has advised global organizations on the best ways to incorporate coaching into their leadership development and talent management processes. He writes and speaks to professional and industry groups on leadership development and organizational advancement all over the world. Doug drives the portfolio of coaching services, including research and publications. He leads the editorial team for the CCL Handbook of Coaching in Organizations (published February 2015) and advises CCL clients on incorporating coaching mindsets, services, and professionals in leadership development solutions.

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