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Your human capital has never been so important in the labor market. The current shortage of leaders in Europe makes it even more important to develop and retain your leadership talent than ever before. A global panic – driven by the shortage in leadership and the growing complexity of the workplace – is steadily moving organisations toward a recognized need for leadership talent development across generations. It is no longer possible to ignore the strengths and weaknesses of a multigenerational labor force. It is no longer effective to take seniority into account over expertise, even at the highest organisational levels.

To understand what is driving the talent panic and to know what actions to take to build a strong talent pipeline win this new war for talent, a thorough examination of what managers value and what their leadership development needs and expectations are is a must.

We must also discern what aspects of the talent panic are based on reality — and therefore demand our attention — and what aspects are pure fiction.

What must organisations do differently to develop and retain talent across generations? How do we reframe the current ‘War for Talent’ mindset into a more talent sustainable mindset?

This webinar will provide an understanding of:

  • The role of organisational values for retaining talent across generations;
  • The 5 leadership development needs that your talent long for;
  • Tips for Leadership Talent retention — and why you have to do this right!

Audience: Leaders in any organisation charged with organisational learning, leadership development or talent management.

About The Presenters

Alessia D'Amato is former Research Associate at the Center for Creative Leadership - Europe. She has a PhD in Industrial and Organisational Psychology from University of Bologna. Her research focuses on leadership practices and processes across generations and in relation to successful implementation of sustainability and social responsibility strategies in global organisations. Alessia has presented the results of this and earlier research at several academic conferences as well as at professional meetings in Europe, US and Asia.

Kim Lafferty is a former Senior Associate at the Center for Creative Leadership in the United Kingdom. She provided client relationship management across a range of industries and countries. In addition, Kim is a researcher and is currently working on a talent management project. Kim holds a Master's Degree in Management Learning from Lancaster University and a Diploma in Organisation and Consulting Skills from NTL, USA. She is certified in the use of numerous psychometrics and has spoken at a broad range of European conferences on the topics of knowledge management, e-learning and talent development.

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