Duration: 1 hour
Price: Free

A one-size-fits-all approach to innovation leadership doesn’t create a sustainable culture of innovation. Trying to run the business while also trying to do innovation is difficult. Driving successful innovation through your organization is tougher than crafting the new concept. What’s required to make innovation repeatable is a differentiated set of competencies at each level of leadership in the organization. This session will focus on the skills needed to drive innovation, whether you’re a sole contributor, the CEO or anything in between.

This webinar will focus on the following:

  • Required innovation capabilities based on your level in the organization
  • Tools and techniques to apply immediately

Skills to be acquired:

  • How to evaluate ideas productively in order to not kill the “next big thing” because it looks strange to make sure you’re using the right mindset
  • How to frame and re-frame a problem to ensure you’re focusing your organization’s efforts in the right area.
About The Presenter

Jonathan Vehar is a Senior Faculty member at the Center for Creative Leadership, Jonathan's education and extensive experience in program design serves the Center in his design and delivery responsibilities for various Global Solutions clients, as well as his delivery responsibilities for various open enrollment programs. He also serves as a Global Portfolio Manager for the Leadership Fundamentals Program and CCL's application of technology-enabled learning. Jonathan is also one of the Center's subject matter experts in the area of innovation, and is referred to as an "innovation geek" in Forbes. Jonathan works with organizations to develop leadership and innovation solutions necessary for growth. Fast Company calls him an "innovation thought leader," and Investor's Business Daily referred to him as an "innovation guru." Before joining the Center for Creative Leadership, Jonathan spent 14 years as the President and cofounder of a global training and organizational development firm focused on leadership skills necessary for innovation. In this role, he designed and delivered programs in the areas of creative thinking, strategic planning, group meeting facilitation, and innovation leadership development. Jonathan regularly worked with Fortune 100 companies in the consumer goods, electronics, pharm, and entertainment industries as well as mid-size enterprises, various government agencies and business schools.

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