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Have you been on a team where the decision-making process was unclear or where the members did not own the outcome? How did accountability work? Were team members all playing by different rules? In this webinar, Dr. Edward Marshall, Senior Partner in Organizational Leadership at CCL will present an award-winning approach to building a truly collaborative team. Save time. Increase trust. Improve results. Increase productivity. Find out how this process works.

NOTE: This is a three part series with the following webinar parts:

About The Presenter

Edward Marshall is a former Senior Partner in the Organizational Leadership Practice at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) in Greensboro, North Carolina. Edward's career spans more than 30 years as an expert in collaboration, leadership development, team and organizational transformation, and as an executive coach.Edward has helped his clients design and implement more than 200 change projects, ranging from a strategic alliance at Marriott International worth $2.5 billion, to the cultural transformation of a 400 person department at DuPont, to helping save a manufacturing plant through the application of his best-practiceCollaborative Method(sm). His work at DuPont's Information Systems Gulf Coast won him the prestigious "Excellence in Organization Development" award from the American Society for Training & Development. He is author of two best-selling business books, Transforming the Way We Work: The Power of the Collaborative Workplace, and Building Trust at the Speed of Change, has written many articles, and is a nationally syndicated In the Workplace columnist for American Cities Business Journals. Edward's doctorate is from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and he lives in Chapel Hill with wife and his son who is an All-American High School USA Rugby player. Edward's other son is attending the London School of Economics. Edward enjoys sailing, plays jazz piano, and is quite a cook.

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