Build effective teams to maximize performance

We help interdependent teams at all levels collaborate more effectively to achieve organizational goals and build strong performance cultures. Steeped in deep research and best practices, our work with teams builds individual leadership skills, provides a collective capacity to learn and work together, and directly impacts business goals.

We work with team leaders, intact teams and senior leadership teams to maximize performance throughout organizations. Instead of many individuals moving through individual programs independently, imagine the power of teams of people moving through the programs together. Impact will be accelerated and team readiness will be enhanced.

Design Insight

Integral to our program design are answers to these questions:


    What are the business outcomes you need to achieve?


    What kinds of learning outcomes do we need to support?


    How has this team learned best in the past? And how will they learn best now?


    What are the themes we're going to address from a content perspective?

This allows us to customize a leadership solution designed to work within the practical realities of your organization.


Is your project team a team? Is it really a work group? Does it matter?

Defining the word “team” may seem academic, but it helps you to be clear about your work and what kind of team is needed. Different kinds of work require different ways of working. For example, a group that periodically shares information is different from a multi-disciplinary team whose work is integrated or a project team trying to solve a complex problem.

Here's what you need to know:

The more interdependent the group, the more complex the work, and the more diverse the group’s goals, the more attention must be paid to how the team functions. It is not enough to put a group of people together and call them a team. They need individual skills and the collective capacity to learn and work together.

Team leaders and team members need the opportunity to grow beyond their current abilities. CCL works with team leaders, intact teams and senior leadership teams to maximize performance throughout organizations.

Individual Team Leaders

Figuring out what it takes to lead a successful team is among the biggest challenges in business today. It’s difficult enough with a cohesive team that is located in the same place. Factor in teams that are anywhere around the world, representing different functions, backgrounds and agendas – and the challenge is immense.

CCL’s open-enrollment programs including Leading Teams for Impact and Coaching for Greater Effectiveness as well as custom programs, team leader coaching, assessments and leadership resources are designed to provide the knowledge and skills that allow team leaders to be more effective.

Intact & Project Teams

Project teams, functional teams and other work teams are able to ramp up performance when they are strong as individuals, and as a whole.

CCL customizes programs, workshops, special events, and speaking engagements for teams on key topicssuch as, boundary spanning leadership and collaboration. Additionally, we provide team development services targeted to the team’s needs which often focus on improved skills and behaviors; processes and performance; and communication and collaboration.

These services include:

  • Team Diagnosis and Need Identification
  • Action Learning Project Coaching
  • Team Formation Coaching
  • Team Performance Coaching

Senior Leadership Teams

When leadership teams are at their best, the positive effect is felt across an organization. Executive teams often seek the support of experienced team coaches to boost their collective leadership capacity. CCL’s senior leadership team coaching involves a select group of faculty working with executives. The goal is for the team to work more cohesively and effectively, manage complexity and change, and lead the organization to achieve what matters most.

How do we do this? We offer customized senior team solutions, including:

  • Team Diagnosis and Need Identification
  • Senior Leadership Team Coaching — A team coaching process at the Senior or Executive Team level that better equips a team to achieve its objectives by promoting clarity and alignment around the team’s purpose and goals, enabling understanding and enhanced effectiveness in relation to their task and group processes, and building team cohesion for accelerated performance.
  • Executive Team Transformation — A team coaching process at the Senior or Executive Team level that prepares a team to implement large-scale organizational, strategic, or cultural change.
  • Expert Speakers for Workshops and Events
CCL is here to help your organization grow your leadership pipeline!

The application of the skills and assessments to our real-world situations, with feedback from peers we’d learned to trust, was incredibly valuable. There’s nothing in our professional community that we can’t tackle together.

– Ladder to Leadership Alumni

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