Dr. Mulumebet “Millie” Worku, Faculty, N.C. State A&T University

I was interested in developing leadership skills that would help me not only with what I’m doing now, but also in the future.

Mari Kuraishi, co-founder and President of GlobalGiving

The Women’s Leadership Program flipped a switch in me that let me recognize the deep satisfaction I take in creating something. The now ten-year journey of GlobalGiving has all been about creation.

Dan Handalian, Senior Director of Leadership Development, Year Up

Learning how to read and facilitate CCL’s 360-degree assessments has had a strong positive impact on the leadership development efforts at Year Up. The instruments are solid, the course was expertly taught, and the insights that our leaders are getting are really supporting their growth. Thank you, CCL, for quality materials and for supporting Year Up’s mission to close the Opportunity Divide.

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