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Build On: Leading the Movement

buildOn is fighting the global education crisis through service and education.

The Center for Creative Leadership‘s San Diego campus is making a concerted effort to support buildOn, an organization that builds primary schools in developing countries and empowers U.S. urban youth. CCL has partnered with buildOn for over 6 years to provide leadership development for the organization at the organization and executive leadership level. 

Our initiative is to pool our staff’s talents to plan, fund, and deliver the next step along buildOn’s learning journey, which entails a five-day leader development training for its middle-level leaders the week of December 11-15, 2017. The San Diego staff initiative is committed to provide in-kind services and spearhead fundraising efforts to support the remaining costs for the training. 

The San Diego campus has set the following intentions for this initiative: 

  • A minimum threshold of fundraising in the amount of $65,000 needs to be met to cover base costs to deliver training that is consistent with CCL’s standards for participant experience 
  • The aim is to treat this initiative as a pilot for the campus to support a campus-wide service project; after the pilot has been conducted, San Diego will evaluate the efficacy and potential for undertaking an annual campus initiative 
  • The goal is to deliver one training and we will prepare and plan in way that promotes it to be a sustainable undertaking from year to year 
  • The initiative is not intended to be a different approach to spearheading business development; and with such, the initiative does not intend to contribute to CCL’s margin. In the spirit of promoting societal advancement, San Diego staff will donate their time and effort towards this initiative, so long as it does not compromise the responsibilities of their roles and commitments to CCL 
  • The initiative aims to create campus cohesion, provide learning and professional development opportunities for individual staff members and provide an action learning initiative that will showcase how CCL’s points of view on leadership is put in practice, a direct tie to CCL’s mission: “To advance the understanding, practice and development of leadership for the benefit of society worldwide”

Just like building a school, it takes a village to create this yearlong journey for buildOn. While the CCL staff volunteer their time, we still need your generosity to see it through.

  • Materials Design
  • Workbooks & Handouts
  • Facilitators
  • Executive Coaches
  • Program Evaluator
  • Project Manager
  • Program Coordinator
  • Lodging
  • Dining
  • Ground Transportation

Leading the Movement

Leading the Movement is a yearlong leadership journey of discovery based on CCL’s Leadership Development Program®. Participants will learn critical skills on how to enhance their self leadership to create broader impact. Click the Donate Now button and enter buildOn in the comments section under Gift Recognition to contribute to this initiative.

Our Fundraising Goal



For more detailed information about this initiative, download the flyer. For more information about buildOn, visit their website.

buildOn is not a charity, it’s a movement. Read this story.

buildOn U.S.

We empower U.S. urban youth to transform their neighborhoods and the world through intensive community service. buildOn’s service learning programs mobilize students in under-resourced urban areas to lift up their communities through intensive local service. We run programs at 50 high schools in six US regions: Boston, Chicago, Detroit, New York, the Bay Area and Southern Connecticut.

buildOn Global

Globally, we’re constructing a new school every three days in some of the economically poorest countries around the world. buildOn works in some of the economically poorest countries on the planet to build schools in villages that have historically had no adequate school structure. To date we have built more than 1,000 schools in seven countries: Burkina Faso, Haiti, Mali, Malawi, Nepal, Nicaragua and Senegal.

U.S. Impact

  • 5,000 students in buildOn programs / month
  • 97% of buildOn students graduate and go to college
  • 1.9 million volunteer service hours by students

Global Impact

  • 1,099 schools built in developing countries
  • 142,000+ people attend buildOn schools every day
  • 1.8 million volunteer days by community members

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