Spanning boundaries. Leading change. Engaging employees. Creating mentoring programs. Boosting productivity. Here’s the scoop on the top 5 most-requested topics for CCL presenters.

For decades, CCL experts have been giving presentations and keynotes at corporate events, annual retreats and association or industry meetings. The issues have changed over the years, but the combination of established expertise and cutting-edge topics remains the same.

Currently, the five most popular Speakers Bureau topics are:

1. Boundary Spanning Leadership.

Eighty-six percent of executives in a recent CCL study stated that it is “extremely important” for them to collaborate effectively across boundaries. Yet just 7 percent believed they were “very effective” at doing so — a critical 79 percent gap.

So how do leaders learn to collaborate, bridge divides and transform wide-ranging talents and knowledge to deliver value? Boundary Spanning Leadership can turn today’s limiting borders into tomorrow’s limitless frontiers.

This presentation defines Boundary Spanning Leadership, why it is needed, how to put it into practice.

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2. Employee Engagement: The Competitive Advantage

In good times and tough times alike, engaged employees are innovative and happier. They add value because they are more motivated to work hard, and they think and act like entrepreneurs. They will go the extra mile for the customer and the company. Engaged employees are vital to an organization’s long-term success.

How do you cultivate an engaged workforce? This presentation examines three major trends facing businesses today and the steps management must take to foster competitive advantage.

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3. Leading Individuals through Change

The current view of change is the same across many organizations: Employees see it as inevitable and constant.

The pace and complexity of change contribute to intense emotions that play out in organizations. Fear, uncertainty, frustration, resentment, anger, depression, guilt, distrust, and a sense of unfairness can make it difficult for leaders to set direction, encourage alignment and gain commitment from the people within their organizations.

In this presentation, you will gain insight to help your organization successfully embrace, understand and navigate change.

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4. Keys to Successful Mentoring

Leaders who take mentoring seriously and handle it effectively have a profound impact. Both mentors and mentees realize many benefits from mentoring, as do organizations that encourage, structure and support mentoring.

Using an interactive, case study-based approach, this presentation will give you an understanding of the importance of mentoring and how to develop successful mentoring relationships.

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5. Mental Management: Keys to Peak Performance

Your thoughts affect your performance — and the performance of the people around you. By applying the mental models used by elite athletes, leaders can positively and purposefully enhance performance.

This presentation offers a variety of cognitive and behavioral techniques that you can use to cultivate confidence, mental toughness and resilience.

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