Recommended Insights
Recommended Insights

Lead With That: What Social Media Can Teach Us About Recognizing Bias in the Workplace

image with microphone and lead with that podcast episode title, What social media Can Teach Us About Recognizing Bias in the Workplace

Due in large part to the coverage on social media, most of us likely know the name of Gabby Pet[…]

Create a High-Performing Hybrid Workforce Through Stronger Communication

Authored by CCL Director of Coaching and Talent Andre Keil, in ATD Magazine.

Building Post-Pandemic Team Resilience

Authored by CCL Organizational Leadership Practitioner Mark Holt, PhD, in Talent Management.

How to Practice Holistic Leadership, Even During Uncertain Times

employee at home with daughter representing holistic leadership

Balance may be a faulty metaphor, but it is possible to achieve holistic leadership and show up[…]

Now Is the Moment to Democratize Leadership Development

Authored by CCL Global Portfolio Lead Karissa McKenna, in Chief Learning Officer.

CCL Focuses on People and ‘Ripple-Effect Dividends’

Contributions from CCL VP and Managing Director of Societal Advancement Lynn Fick-Cooper, in In[…]

It’s Time to Break Up with Burnout. Here’s How.

Authored by CCL Director of Population Health Sector Portfolio, Andi Williams and CCL Senior Fa[…]

Glanbia Prepares Future C-Suite Leaders to Innovate Through Disruption With Immersive Development Experience

Glanbia logo

Learn how CCL partnered with Glanbia to create an immersive program that would help prepare mem[…]

The Role of Communication in a Hybrid Workplace

Authored by CCL Director of Coaching and Talent, Andre Keil and CCL Global Market and Client In[…]

CCL Voted A Winner in 2 Categories of Training Magazine’s Network Choice Awards

logo of Training Magazine Network Choice Awards

With nearly 6,000 votes cast, CCL was voted as a winner in the categories of “Leadership Develo[…]

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