Employee Resource Group Insights: Supporting Black Professionals in the Workplace

Supporting Black Professionals in the Workplace

Gain insights from 2 members of our Black Professionals Employee Resource Group on some of the common barriers Black professionals experience in the workplace, and how organizations and individuals can support and cultivate more equitable, diverse, and inclusive environments.

A Lifeline for Working Parents: 5 Ways Organizations Can Support Parenting & Leadership

Working parents taking picture while drawing with children modeling parenting and leadership concept

For many working parents and other caregivers, achieving work-life “balance” feels impossible. Organizations should support their employees while improving retention and engagement by providing equitable family leave policies and remaining flexible.

Actions Speak Louder: Building Organizational Accountability for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

image of woman employee looking at camera and urging organizational accountability on EDI

A special webinar event featuring CCL experts and client voices discussing the critical need to hold organizations accountable for making progress on equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) initiatives.

Make Learning the Foundation of Hybrid Workplace Culture

Authored by CCL Global Director of Product Development, Stephanie Trovas, in Chief Learning Officer.

Living With Intention at Work and at Home

Living With Intention at Work and at Home

Too often, in our personal and professional lives, we default to the status quo. But there is great power in choosing, leading, and living with intention. Learn 3 key ways you can live more intentionally.

How to Use Your Time to Burn Bright Instead of Burning Out

Authored by CCL Senior Faculty Member and Portfolio Manager, Pete Ronayne, and CCL Senior Faculty Member David Dinwoodie, in Training Industry.

3 Organizational Steps to Start Tackling the Widening Gender Gap in the Workplace

image of woman in the workplace delivering presentation and overcoming the gender gap in the workplace

Now is the time for organizations to begin the work to update their culture and systems to give women leaders the resources and support they need to excel. Learn the steps your organization can take to get started.

Why You Should Collaborate Across Boundaries

Why Spanning Boundaries Is Important for Leaders

The most effective leaders work across boundaries, forging common ground with colleagues from differing positions, backgrounds, and locations. Evolve your approach with these boundary-spanning ideas.

Lead With That: What Awards Season Can Teach Us About Professionalism and Emotional Intelligence

image with microphone and lead with that podcast episode title, What Awards Season Can Teach Us About Professionalism and Emotional Intelligence

The slap heard around the world has been the talk of the town, but Will wasn’t the only one throwing hands out there. For some, Jane Campion’s comments at the Critic’s Choice Awards was a slap in the face to the Williams sisters and Black women across America. Are these just Hollywood problems for Hollywood people? Or is there an opportunity to glean lessons from these events on how leaders can better manage conflict on their teams, and create spaces where meaningful conversations can happen? Let’s explore how conflict in the workplace can be an opportunity to strengthen our professionalism and emotional intelligence skills, and lead with that.

8 Steps to More Resilient Leadership

8 Steps to More Resilient Leadership

Learn why resilient leadership is important and 8 steps that will help you enhance it, in both your personal and professional life.

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