Thomas Goh

Executive Summary

Dr. Thomas Goh is a veteran consultant and business leader with a strong track record over the past 25 years of helping clients improve their business performance through strategy, innovation, agility, leadership and capability. As a management consultant, he works with clients around the world to deliver high-impact and actionable interventions. As a business leader, he drives strategic direction, financial management, human resources, operations, P&L, public relations and commercial aspects of the business. This has provided him with unique extensive insights into both in-house and external consulting experiences, giving him the ability to see from both an inside-out and outside-in perspectives.


Before joining CCL, Dr. Goh held a series of senior leadership roles at McKinsey, Hay Group, Gallup, Towers Perrin and Accenture, where he received multiple awards for driving business growth, people matters and knowledge contributions.

Current Role

As Chief Client Officer and Managing Director APAC, Dr. Goh guides CCL’s strategy and operations in Asia Pacific. This includes making available to MNCs and local companies an array of highly-rated leadership development programs, organizational leadership solutions and an extensive research agenda as well as several organizational change and transformational initiatives.

Education, Publications, and Professional Affiliations

Dr. Goh holds a doctoral degree from the University of Western Australia. He is also a Wharton Fellow at the Wharton School and a Fellow at the Hong Kong Institute of Directors.

Dr. Goh is a frequent keynote speaker and opinion leader on innovation, transformation, adaptation and agility. He also contributes case studies and insights for McKinsey Quarterly, Academy of Management, and the Project Management Institute and other leading global and regional publications.

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