Renita September


Renita’s journey has provided her with extensive experience in the corporate and consulting worlds giving her the unique ability to see organisational dynamics from both an inside-out and outside-in perspective.

She has worked for local and global consulting firms which operated across diverse industries in global and local territories. The partnerships with these organisations were formed primarily in the development and delivery of Strategy, Business Process and Structure, People Alignment and Leadership Development.

She was also Managing Executive of a local consulting firm leading and developing a successful team around her. Her journey took an entrepreneurial turn for a three-year period where she consulted with niche clients in the Leadership Development and Strategy Development domains.

Renita has 15 years corporate experience mainly with large financial institutions in both Line and HR roles. More recently she held executive positions in the Leadership and People Development Portfolio for two corporations that are in the top 5 insurance institutions in South Africa. Pivotial to these roles was the creation and implementaiton of a high impact organisational capacity and capability blueprint, capturing the essence of organisational culture to enable the attainment of key strategic imperatives in a volatile and competitive local and global landscape.

Current Role

Renita leads on producing and managing customised solutions to drive strategy solution and business performance, bringing to bear her expertise of having worked across global projects in both a consultancy and client capacity.

Professional Affiliations

Renita is the recent outgoing CEP of the South African Organisation Development Network (SAODN), a not-for-profit company which actively promotes and sets standards of organisational development, in South Africa and beyond.

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