Mike has worked in a varity of positions in different industries. He was in the United States Army for 12 years, and worked at various corporate roles before coming to CCL as a Marketing Specialist. Since joining the Center he has worked as logisitics manager, a knowledge management manager, and an evaluation analyst. His areas of specializtion include data management and analysis, statistical methods, survey design and analysis, and data visualization. He has expertise in various data analysis softwear, including Excel, SPSS, and Tableau.

Current Role

Mike serves as CCL’s Senior Evaluation Analyst. In this role he is responsbile for gathering, analyzing and interpreting program evaluation data, both for client use and to further CCL’s own knowledge of our programs and their impact. He also serves as the account administrator for evaluation systems, including Qualtrics and Tableau. Mike performs analysis on different evaluation projects, and helps the evaluation team in preparing reports, presentations, and infographics.

Areas of Expertise

Statistics, Measurement, Evaluation, Data Visualization, Survey Design/Validation, Assessment Design, Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis, Research Methods

Educational Background

M.S. in Educational Research Methodology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro; B.A. in Psychology from Guilford College

Professional Affiliations

AEA, American Mensa, AERA

Select External Publications

  • Downs, H. & Raper, M. (October 2016). Focusing Digital Dashboards for Use: Considering Design, Planning and Context. Paper presentation at American Evaluation Association, Evaluation 2016 in Atlanta, GA, USA.
  • Young, S., Braddy, P., Champion, H., & Raper, M. (2017). A Multilevel Model of Leadership Development Outcomes. Poster to be presented at the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Orlando, FL.
  • Young, S., Champion, H., Raper, M., & Braddy, P. (2017). How Bosses Can Make or Break Leadership Development Programs And What Organizations Can Do About It. (White paper in press). Center for Creative Leadership, Greensboro, NC.

Curriculum Vitae

Mike uses his skills in data manipulation, analysis and presentation to support the work of the Evaluation center in understanding client data and preparing reports or presentations. He has a strong understanding of statistical analysis methods, and combines that with extensive experience in assessment and survey design to create and deploy data collection methods with clients, and then analyze the data to gain insights into the impact of the program or event. He is an expert in data visualization and creates innovative displays of data for internal and external uses. He often serves as a resource to other researchers in assisting publications, by gathering and analyzing data or preparing results, and in advising on appropriate analytical methods.

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