Margarida Truninger


Margarida has recently defended her PhD thesis in Management Sciences/Organizational Behavior at ESADE Business School (Barcelona, Spain), entitled “Unveiling the Catalyzing Power of Emotional Intelligence over General Intelligence and Learning Performance”. Her research interests involve leadership development through the learning of emotional and social competencies and 360-degree competency assessment. Outcome variables such as leader emergence, learning performance and subjective well being are of special interest to her. Margarida has published in international peer-reviewed journals, such as Frontiers in Psychology, and has work currently under review at Personnel Psychology and Human Relations. Previously, Margarida worked as a Project Manager of a consulting/research project in Iberia’s KIC InnoEnergy, a start-up accelerator funded by the European Institute of Technology. The project aimed to identify entrepreneurial competencies with the purpose of selection and recruitment of entrepreneurial candidates for KIC InnoEnergy accelerators. Margarida has taught Organizational Behavior (BA course) at Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics (Lisbon, Portugal), Quantitative Methods for Management Research, Structural Equation Models and Research Designs for Quantitative Methods (all PhD courses), and Métodos de Investigación en Dirección de Empresas (BA course, taught in Spanish) at ESADE Business School. Upon joining ESADE for her doctoral studies, Margarida won ESADE Talent Scholarship, in praise of her international work experience and proficiency in four languages (Portuguese, English, Spanish and French). Prior to her academic career, Margarida worked in the banking industry in France, and in media client management at UEFA’s Euro Cup.

Current Role

Margarida is a Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the Global Research and Evalution group of CCL. Her current research projects involve conceptualizing executive presence as well as studying the voice analytics of candidate’s speeches and their relationship to leader emergence.

Areas of Expertise

Emotional and Social Intelligence Competencies, 360-Degree Competency Assessment, Leadership Development, Team Collaboration

Educational Background

Ph.D. in Management Sciences/Organizational Behavior from ESADE Business School, Barcelona, Spain; Master of Research in Management Sciences from ESADE Business School, Barcelona, Spain; Master of Science in Economics, Finance and Management from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain; BA in Economics from Nova School of Business and Economics, Lisbon, Portugal

Professional Affiliations

Academy of Management
European Academy of Management

Curriculum Vitae

See Margarida’s Curriculum Vitae

Select External Publications

Honors, Awards, Grants

  • Catalan Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR) Young Researcher Training Scholarship, 2010-13
  • ESADE Talent Scholarship, 2008-2009
  • Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology Grant, 2004-2007
  • Erasmus Exchange Scholarship, 2001

Current Projects

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