Jim started his career with CCL® in 1977, and before he left in 1993, he was the Manager of Innovation Programs and Products. In this role, he managed the Center’s Innovation Assessment Process, which helps senior managers understand how to improve the climate for creativity in their organization. He also worked with intact teams helping them to develop effective approaches to their innovative work. As manager of the Center’s Targeted Innovation program, Jim designed and taught programs to aid individuals and groups in enhancing their innovative potential.

From 1993?2009, Jim was a CCL Senior Adjunct staff member on innovation and transformation programs and The Looking Glass Experience. He has customized workshops and interventions for clients in high tech, education, government, service, and international business arenas. Jim has worked as an action-learning coach with the U.S. Postal Service, and other non-profit and public-sector groups such as the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Ladder to Leadership program. His international experience includes Europe, Australia, Kazakhstan, India, Abu Dhabi, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia.

Since rejoining CCL in 2010, Jim’s work has been with teams and organizations that are seeking to find a new equilibrium as they press forward with significant organizational change. He facilitates senior team retreats that are developing new pathways to improve organizational results and coaches executive teams seeking solutions to emerging problems.

In addition to teaching in workshop settings, Jim’s work often entails providing feedback and coaching, whether it is with new leaders who are expected to make key contributions in the future, or with managers who are ready to reassess and refresh their management style. He is experienced and certified in a number of psychometric and 360-degree instruments that can yield useful insights in these explorations, such as Benchmarks, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Profilor, the Bar-On EQI and numerous Lominger Career Architect related products.

Jim graduated from Guilford College with a degree in Political Science, and earned a Masters of Divinity degree from McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago.

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