Jerard Scorgie


Jérard has over 19 years of corporate and consulting exposure. His experience and skills set spans across management consulting, project management, investment banking and leadership development. He’s worked in sectors such as; financial services (Insurance, banking and investment), government, services and engineering, food and beverages, and telecommunications.

Jérard is passionate about driving and creating business improvements through strategic coherence, operational excellence and business management education. This is achieved by his business operations and organisational transformation experience particular within the management consulting arena with specific focus on both advisory services as well as implementation across the human capital development value chain. His background involves human resource and business management practices ranging from: leadership development, training and development initiatives, culture change initiatives, transformation and restructuring initiatives, organisational development, balance scorecard facilitation & development, and strategy decoding.

In his spare time, Jérard is particularly passionate about helping small to medium size business leaders create organisational alignment through facilitation and execution with focus on growth, sustainability and societal impact. He recently graduated with an MBA cum laude from Wits Business School and conducted his research on “the relevance of management consulting services offered to small businesses in South Africa.”

Current Role

As Director of Operations and Client Services, Jérard fullfils a dual function. The operations role entails leading and managing all operational and line related aspects of customised engagements for complex, large scale, global client initiatives, whilst ensuring flawless execution of content delivery for the Sub-Saharan Africa region. This also includes managing work of Project Managers and Faculty/Associates that deliver projects for CCL accounts, managing the operational budget. In his client services role, Jérard  participates in the development of account strategies, programme delivery (facilitation), and management of customised client engagements.

Educational Background

Jérard holds a number of certificates and diplomas in the field of business management and banking. He  received his MBA cum laude and Post Graduate Diploma in Management from the University of Witwatersrand Business School. He graduated as the top overall full time MBA student for the class of 2013 – 2014.

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