Dr. Torres has over twenty-five years of experience in the areas of leadership development, teambuilding, and organizational development. He has served a wide variety of both domestic and global organizations in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors.

Cresencio designs programs for a variety of business sectors. His client list includes Genentech, Chiron, Pfizer, Astellas, Credit Suisse, Trane Company, American Standard, Michelin, Pacific Corp, Make-A-Wish Foundation of America, Boart Longyear, Cable One, Dannon Institute, Nokia, AT&T, Central Intelligence Agency, Wells Fargo Bank, VESTAS, Xerox, Intel, CoreLogic, The Institute for Liberty and Democracy (ILD), and the United States Air Force and United States Army.

He has delivered custom programs in Korea, China, Singapore, Turkey, Belgium, England, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Israel, Peru, and France.

Cresencio currently is a design and delivery faculty member. His focus is open enrollment and custom programs related to individual, team and organizational leadership development. He leads the CCL® San Diego Innovation Group which is currently conducting research exploring media and technology in the classroom.

With a B.A. from the University of Maine and an M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Oklahoma, Cresencio is frequently published on topics that include leadership and ethics, communication effectiveness, teambuilding, trainer-development; systems change strategies, the 3D world of Second Life, and diversity management.

He is co-author of the ASTD Trainer’s Source Book: Teambuilding, Self-Directed Work Teams, Manager’s Official Guide to Teamworking, and 25 Adventure Simulations for Teambuilding. In addition, he is author of the Tao of Teams and Leadership Ethics: A Leader’s Challenge. He has published numerous team consensus decision-making simulations, the Intrapersonal Diversity Awareness Profile (IDAP), and the Diversity Management Survey (DMS). He is co-editor of NTL’s 2006 Keys to Group Effectiveness Guidebook Series which include: Feedback and Self-Disclosure in Small Groups, the T-Group: Effective Members and Trainers, Journaling in Small Groups, Illuminating Team Dynamics: Insights from the Enneagram System of Personality, and Self-Awareness.

Cresencio is a member of the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Sciences and served on the organization’s Board of Directors from 2004-2008. He is a Vietnam Era veteran having served ten years in the United States Air Force.


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