Akiva Beebe


Akiva has 20 years’ experience growing Fortune 500s and tech startups.  He is a provocative voice on the big ideas and important questions that are reshaping the future of work and success. He is an expert on Digital Transformation in emerging countries.

In close partnership with forward thinking clients, he has been testing new ways of: a) leading digital transformation; b) collaborating effectively across cultural & geographic divides; c) operating; d) attracting, developing, and retaining tomorrow’s leaders, today. He recently presented in Europe, North America and concluded with a TED Talks in South Africa titled Embracing the Inevitable Future. He cautions executive decision-makers that strategies are no longer plans, but rather a hypothesis to be tested daily against reality.

He is passionate about unlocking a movement of change-makers that can solve our society’s biggest challenges – smarter, faster and scientifically. His personal mantra: “Think like a scientist, act like an entrepreneur and live into a bold vision that changes our planet,” guides his work, research and success.

Current Role

Akiva is currently Director of Business Development for Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) in Sub-Saharan Africa. His primary sectors are large (5,000+ employees) financial, telecoms and foundations.

He enables their leaders to:

  • Create an entrepreneurial culture: develop the skillset, mindset, and mental models that enable team agility, ownership, purposeful engagement, strategic flexibility and new ways of working, faster
  • Simplify complexity: what really works, what requires focused attention, what is their greatest threat
  • Deliver game-changing results: anticipate future changes whilst unlocking current opportunities

He helps his clients keep ahead of digital disruption and anticipate industry threats. His work across multiple sectors, the full value-chain of stakeholders and constant exposure to cultures across Africa, Europe and America have helped deepen his understanding of how-to lead Digital Transformation.

Educational Background

Akiva is working toward a PhD, researching how large organizations identify disruptive threats, collaborate effectively, make better decisions and he is using AI to generate faster, smarter and more accurate research. His M.Sc. in technology & innovation investigates “digital leadership” – successful digital transformation. B.Com in business management & industrial psychology. Other areas of study and practice include behavioural economics, artificial intelligence, organizational design, strategic forecasting, design thinking, executive coaching & mentoring, change management, systems thinking, agile & lean-startup methodology and ancient philosophy.

Favourite quote: “Don’t believe everything you think”.

His most popular articles “Beware Experts: Call on Radical Outsiders” and “How CEOs derail innovation”

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