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For practical information and cutting-edge insights into today’s most pressing leadership issues, explore an array of thought-provoking white papers assembled by CCL’s faculty and research experts. Below you will find the white papers that our APAC clients find to be the most useful.

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Developing Top Leaders for a Globalised Asia
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Grooming Top Leaders
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Research Reports

  • State of the Indian CXO: Making Experiences Matter
    Indian CXOs have to lead in an extraordinarily dynamic and complex environment. As they rise in their organizations, CXOs need for leadership development becomes critical. In this report, CXOs in India will receive specific guidance on what constitutes the critical leadership skills—and how to develop these. (Download here)
  • Imagining Asia 2030: Future-Fluent Asian Leader
    This report presents a comprehensive point-of-view on what the future of Asia may look like, particularly the critical megatrends that will shape the continent, their impact on societies, businesses, and, most importantly, how leaders must prepare today to succeed in the future. (Download here)
  • Architecting Future-Fluent Culture: Critical Role of Human Resources
    This research report addresses what roles the HR functions must play in order to shape a future-fluent/ready organization culture. (Download here)
  • Coaching Infrastructure: The Building Block of Impactful Coaching Programs
    Coaching Infrastructure includes making the case for coaching in organizations, and how to source and prepare coaches for their journey while matching them in pairs in the best way possible, with clear objectives and good measures for evaluation. (Download here)
  • The Global Asian Leader: From Local Star to Global CXO
    The research study highlights key challenges global organizations face in developing a global Asian leadership pipeline, and best demonstrated practices in developing a diverse leadership cadre. (Download here)
  • CHRO 3.0: Preparing to Lead the Future HR Function in India
    The study aims to identify drivers of change within the HR function in India, critical development gaps in senior leaders at the helm of the HR function in the country; and provides guidance around changes the leaders may want to bring about in terms of their mindsets and skills, to be ‘relevant’ in the future. (Download here)
  • Developing Next-Generation Indian Business Leaders
    The need for a strong cadre of next-generation leaders (NGLs) is further accentuated in India because of hectic economic activity in recent years—activity that has presented large and diverse, yet complex business opportunities. The next-generation leader therefore becomes a critical link, not only to fulfill local and global aspirations of Indian companies, but also to help global organizations better understand the Indian market opportunity. (Download here)
  • CHRO 3.0: Preparing to Lead the Future HR Function in Asia
    The HR function in Asia is unable to keep up with the rapidly changing business environment. Only one in five leaders claim that their HR function in Asia is future-ready! The challenges that the function will encounter in the next decade are mainly due to increasing workforce diversity, increasingly fluid talent, changing expectations from business, and new organization structures at play. (Download here)
  • Asia Pacific Leadership Effectiveness Dashboard: Critical Competencies, Strengths, and Gaps
    Over the last five years, the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) has increased its focus and attention on the unique challenges faced by Asia Pacific (APAC) organizations. Our work has identified a critical need within the region: to accelerate the development of leaders with the necessary skills, knowledge, abilities and experiences to be successful now and in the future. This research summary provides information on the most critical competencies for leaders within the APAC region. (Download here)
  • Developing Future Leaders for High-Growth Indian Companies: New Perspectives
    For businesses within and outside India, an exhilarating era of expansive global growth has arrived. Specifically in India, many home-grown businesses are seeking to double, triple and quadruple their revenues over the next decade, if not sooner. Companies are therefore beginning to show great interest in leadership development and corporate India is increasingly investing in leadership training and development. But where and how are the most important “lessons of leadership” learned and what are those lessons? This report describes the results of investigating these important questions in an Indian context. (Download here)
  • Developing Chinese Leaders in the 21st Century
    All around the world, better leadership is needed, and more so in growing economies like China. How can we develop more effective leaders for China-based companies? Are there experiences that would better prepare them? What lessons would they need to learn to become effective managers? To address these issues, we present relevant research findings and implications for leadership development from the Lessons of Experience-China research project. (English | Chinese)