Tashkent, October 10, 2017

At the occasion of the 2nd Open HR Forum, Marc Dellaert, General Director at the Center for Creative Leadership for Russia, CIS Region and Turkey, gave a keynote speech on Leadership and Engagement.

Marc Dellaert

Marc Dellaert: ‘We are living in times of constant change. Nobody can predict the future. As a Chinese proverb says: When the winds of change are coming, some build walls, and others build windmills. The quality of business leadership has a direct relationship with the performance of business. Leaders create a climate in which people can grow and perform, bring best ideas, and feel supported by their managers.’  

In his speech Marc Dellaert mentioned that great business leaders are adaptive and resilient, they can overcome setbacks, accept failure, ask for feedback, and are life-long learners. These business leaders are developing a deeper level of self-awareness, understanding their strengths and areas for improvement, and are continuously working on sharpening their leadership skills. Doing this, they can better motivate, influence and inspire their people at all levels in the organisation. They are also great communicators.

Marc Dellaert: ‘Business leadership is like top sports. The competition is tough and fast. Without continuous exercising and developing your skills, you cannot stay at the top.’

Uzbekistan is going through tremendous changes, with the market opening up. Business people see opportunities and a great potential given the country’s geographic location and high population. Attracting and retaining best talent is a major challenge for entrepreneurs. Many employees are hesitant when it comes to taking accountability, and risk. Leadership education such as talent development programs can help them to become more confident, and to better lead their teams and departments.

Marc Dellaert: ‘Owners of private companies understand the need for change, and for development of top managers and top talent. They want to build a more open and transparent style of management. In many cases we see that business managers still behave in a very traditional way. We want to help them how to better engage and develop their talent, to inspire others, bring out the best of people, to the benefit of their organisations’.

CCL offers world class leadership development programs for top and middle business managers in Uzbekistan. Owners and top managers can attend CCL’s open classes in Russian in Moscow. CCL also delivers in-house programs and executive coaching. CCL works with Russian and English speaking consultants, bring best of class insights in leadership, with a deep understanding of the post-Soviet business and national culture in Central Asia.