13 November 2014
Ufa, Russia

transformationBashkortostan is a highly developed and dynamic republic within the Russian Federation. On November 12 and 13, 2014, First Business School together with the government of Bashkortostan organized the 3rd Bashkortostan HR Forum. The President of the Republic — Rustem Khamitov — officially opened the Forum. Marc Dellaert, General Director of CCL for Russia and the CIS Region, was invited as keynote speaker on transformation.

The leader’s role in transformation cannot be underestimated. All transformation begins with the leader. When the leader is not able to lead transformation, the organization will remain in a status quo position and its long term future might be at risk. Marc Dellaert: “In today’s fast changing world, mastering transformation is a critical skill for leaders. Many leaders only think about the managerial side of change and underestimate the human and psychological dimension. As Peter Drucker said: culture easts strategy for breakfast. When transformation of an organization is successful, the organization becomes fundamentally different from its previous state. Transformation requires strong executive leadership. A leader must think beyond the boundaries of the existing and overcome the obstacles on the road. Envisioning the future is a continuous process and evolves in change that is needed to stay competitive in today’s globalizing market. The leader engages his teams to implement the vision and strategy. At CCL we define leadership as a collective process of setting direction, creating alignment and commitment. We help individual leaders and organizations around the globe to maximize their leadership potential and to create a lasting impact.”

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