26 September 2014
Moscow, Russia

russiasummitLeaders today live in a volatile, uncertain and complex world. Gone are the days that you can simply lead from the top. Change becomes to the middle of what organizations are doing. Organizations have been good at developing individual leaders, however mostly ignored the challenge of transforming their leader’s mind sets. As Peter Drucker said: ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast.’ Disconnecting strategy and culture puts the success of the organization at risk.

Marc Dellaert, General Director at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) for Russia and CIS Region: “Research shows that 70% of organizational change projects fail.” Many leaders know how to lead change but don’t put that knowledge into action. They continue to lead ineffectively making the same mistakes over and over. As we know what diet is good for us and what exercise we need, unconsciously we set up barriers that prevent us from acting to our best interest. The same happens in organizations. It is like there are two sets of rules: the official set posted on the website and the walls, saying that we respect individuals, teamwork, diversity, innovative thinking … And then the real set of rules, the ones that you hear silently whispered in the hallways. Only if the unwritten rules support the way an organization handles change, the real rules will govern the people’s actions and behaviour.

Dellaert: “The people’s side of organizational change is at least as important as the structural side (systems, processes, structures). We help leaders to better understand the psychological process that people have to go through in a transition.”

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