St Petersburg, April 20, 2017

Our world is becoming more unpredictable, volatile and ambiguous. Companies face challenges how to keep their employees engaged in times of disruption (hyper-competition, digital transformation). Marc Dellaert, Managing Director at the Center for Creative Leadership, delivered a keynote speech on engagement and leadership at the yearly Intercomp Client Conference in Saint Petersburg.

The answers of the past do not help us any longer for the future. Teams and organizations must embrace adaptive learning, rapid decision making and strengthen their resilience to overcome today’s challenges in a constantly changing world.  Marc Dellaert: ‘The agility of organisations is determined by the quality of their leadership. Great leaders are able to engage staff and to grow and to unlock the best out of their talent. Great leadership has an immediate impact on customer centricity, productivity and innovation. We see that many organizations face a leadership and engagement gap. Their leaders are always busy, more focused on their own career goals, are not enough inspiring, and fail to listen and communicate.’

In the new world organizations need leaders who effectively create and communicate a vision, motivate others, are not afraid of challenge and risk, foster collaboration and can deal with ambiguity. There organizations have a huge opportunity to invest in their leadership capacity.