The Executive Development Roundtable (EDRT), a highly respected learning consortium of Boston University’s School of Management and the Center for Creative Leadership provides world-class professional development opportunities and year-round benefits for senior-level learning development professionals difficult to find anywhere else.

The EDRT operates at the unique intersection of academic research and contemporary real-world business applications. Its members, who represent leading corporate, public and non-profit institutions, have the unique opportunity to enhance their impact on their organizations and strengthen their professional growth in an unprecedented and distinct way.

Annual membership provides:

  • Dynamic networking in an intimate, peer-to-peer environment
  • Bi-annual meetings on selected member-driven leadership and executive development topics led by renown thought leaders in the field
  • Access to a members-only Web site with links to current EDRT sponsored research and reports
  • Periodic conference calls on topics of interest between meetings
  • Mentoring for executive development professionals new to the field or position
  • Complimentary set of CCL guidebooks at inception of membership
  • Complimentary access to CCL webinars on leading issues of the day (approx. 18/year)
  • Membership in MyCCL PREMIUM, CCL’s online community
  • Two 20% discounts per organization on CCL open-enrollment programs
  • One 30% discount per calendar year per organization on Speakers Bureau engagements.
  • Complimentary publications of new CCL releases plus a 20% discount on all CCL Press/Jossey-Bass publications
  • Early notification of new CCL research, first option to participate in co-inquiry research, discounts to attend pilot programs
  • Access to CCL’s thought leaders that only this type of membership can provide

For more information, please contact:


John F. (Jack) McCarthy, DBA
Director, Executive Development Roundtable
Boston University School of Management
+1 617 358 3318 or

Boston University

Marianne Ganley
Stewardship Manager
Center for Creative Leadership
+1 336 286 4587 or

Center for Creative Leadership