Leaders know that today’s pressures for change don’t come at them one at a time — they come all at once, from all directions. It’s like riding a roller coaster: sudden drops, jarring turns, anxious climbs into the unknown. Yet, often the advice they receive for addressing change focuses on addressing challenges in a serial fashion rather than dealing with the complexity that has become our reality. Every leader wants to know more about how to lead complex, continuous change. That’s what this book is about.

Leading Continuous Change lays out what it calls the “4Ds” (Discovering, Deciding, Doing, and Discerning) framework for a new mindset that helps you lead continuous change more successfully. For each stage of the process, you’ll also receive the detailed guidance, practical tools, and real-world examples needed to navigate change the way it happens now. Because here’s the reality: Nearly 70% of all change efforts fail. We can do better.

Additional Change Resources

Keep your organizational change efforts from failing by focusing on change leadership.

Nearly 70% of all change efforts fail. Yet, CCL research shows that when organizations implement change leadership alongside their strategic and operational changes, organizations consistently succeed in reaching performance goals. By working with CCL to address your organization’s cultural beliefs that inform operational effectiveness and efficiency, your people will see sustainable change and continued agility to support future business needs.

CCL will give you the tools to take your organization to new levels. Work with us to dramatically improve the success of your organization’s change initiative by aligning your leadership strategy, culture transformation, and talent development with the true drivers of business performance.

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