CCL’s Kelly Simmons speaks with Divya Ghatak, an active board member for Watermark, a community of executive women who are building networks to help more women in business accelerate their careers. Divya has built her career in HR leadership positions at a number of tech companies, including Cisco and Good Data. When we spoke with her, she served as the vice president of people at Nevro, a global medical technology company. She was recently named the chief people officer at computer & network security firm SentinelOne.

In this episode of our women in business podcast, Divya talks about a variety of challenges she’s faced:

“I was pumping milk in all kinds of rooms and getting milk with me through airport security,” she tells Kelly about adjusting to life as a working mom. “It was not fun. That year was really hard. And a lot of times, people see only the success. They don’t see what you had to go through.”

She also issues a call-to-action for more mentorship of women:

“I think if each one of us who is in a leadership role or a position of influence spends 10 to 15% of their time setting this intention and fulfilling that intention, we can make real change in our society, in our communities.”

Guest featured in this episode of When She Leads:

Divya GhatakDivya Ghatak
Chief People Officer, SentinelOne
Board of Directors, Watermark


Host of this episode of When She Leads:

Kelly SimmonsKelly Simmons is Global Portfolio Lead for organizational development solutions in CCL’s San Diego campus. She oversees the design and delivery of custom leadership solutions for CCL’s global corporate clients, and has lead faculty on the design of CCL’s Advancing Technical Women program.

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