CCL’s Jennifer Martineau talks with Hugo Martinho, the Asia-Pacific human resources director for Schindler Group, a global engineering and manufacturing company. In this episode, Hugo describes the specific challenges that women face in the industry and region, and also explains several steps his company has taken to address gender inequity.

In one example, he describes how removing names from résumés helped cut back on implicit gender bias from hiring managers at the company:

“In many cases, to their surprise at the time, they would end up short-listing 3 CVs, and all of them females,” he says.

“It was not about discriminating against men, but it was about not letting people make decisions based on gender.”

Guest featured in this episode of When She Leads:

Hugo MartinhoFeatured in this episode: Hugo Martinho
HR Director, Asia-Pacific, Schindler Group


Host of this episode of When She Leads:

Jennifer MartineauJennifer Martineau is Senior Vice President, research, evaluation, and societal advancement at CCL, where she is responsible for global research and evaluation initiatives and our work focused on leadership development in the social sector. She recently co-authored, Kick Some Glass, a guide for motivated working women in business who want to take charge of their own success.

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