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It seems as if organizations just aren’t giving leader coaches the respect or credit that they deserve. We polled 238 leader coaches and found that more than 90% believe that their role is important. However, just 41% of coaches believed that their organizations felt the same way.

So what can organizations do to support the coaching efforts of leaders? Here we’ll share a few suggestions, dubbed the “three C’s” by CCL’s Douglas Riddle: The first “C”: Create, as in, “Create a coaching mindset.” When people begin to see a consistent, genuine support of coaching within their organization, a culture shift can begin. Try highlighting the behaviors of skilled coaches to make them role models for the organization. Integrate coaching into leadership training and development, and point out that coaching skills are an advantage for those wanting to move up in the organization. Make the whole coaching idea one that people are comfortable with.

The second “C” in supporting leader coaching … Champion a standard of excellence in coaching practice. Set new expectations for coaching in the organization. Make coaching a learning and developmental practice – and back it up with meaningful, visible action. Add coaching services and training into budgets, support initiatives to improve coaching skills, and maintain coaching resources even in tight fiscal periods. Also, be cautious when using external coaches and training programs for your staff – demand quality and be clear on the visiting coach’s philosophy.

And the third “C” to help your organization embrace coaching: Campaign … for coaching communities. Develop new norms for exchanging lessons learned, exploring different perspectives, sharing successes and frustrations, and providing support to one another. Consider holding annual or semi-annual learning days, and establish coaching discussion groups or learning teams.

Create a coaching mindset. Champion a standard of excellence in coaching. And campaign for coaching communities. Three Cs that will result in a true coaching culture at your organization.

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