60% of first-time managers receive no training. And over half of new managers fail.

Yet first-time managers are a crucial part of your organization’s leadership pipeline. Developing and supporting them should be an organizational imperative for you.

As research shows in CCL’s latest publication, Be the Boss Everyone Wants to Work for, first-time managers face one of the biggest and most difficult transitions in their careers. This presentation will arm you with the skills and resources to help your individual contributors navigate this journey into their first formal leadership positions.

As a participant, you will:

  • Gain insight on why first-time managers are so important to building a pipeline of leaders in your organization and why they need more help, support and development.
  • Learn the specific, and unique challenges, as well as the skill gaps, first-time managers and new leaders have.
  • Receive practical, actionable tips and advice to help, support and develop first-time leaders.

View an excerpt from the presentation.

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